Coach Awards

Award Criteria
Nominations will be judged on the strength of their submission by the following criteria:
  1.   Participation
    • The nominee must be a registered coach in a Special Olympics sport club
    • The nominee must be involved in at least one Special Olympics sport program
  2. Contribution to Sport in Special Olympics
    • How has the coach contributed to the overall organization, promotion, and development of sport in Special Olympics?
  3. Coaching Effectiveness
    • In what way(s) has the coach been effective in assisting the athlete(s) to achieve their personal goals in sport?  Is the coach ethical and progressive in sports?
  4. Personal Development
    • Is the coach involved in personal development and coaching education?
  5. Leadership
    •  What is the conduct of the coach? Is the coach a positive role model for the athlete and for other coaches?  Does the coach provide stable and consistent leadership qualities? Does the coach practice co-operation, self-discipline, respect for officials and opponents, and proper attitudes in language, dress, and deportment?
Please complete this form by Friday, May 18, 2018. Please note that any submissions received after this date will not be considered. Please use a separate form for each nominee. There is no limit to the number of coaches you may nominate. Special Olympics Ontario will present the awards at its Annual General Meeting and will nominate all winners for national recognition to Special Olympics Canada.